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Running Mantras That Work

It’s that time. Your body has fully sunk into the couch, the sky is gloomy, and your sneakers are all the way across the room. Why go for a run when you can stay just as you are, comfy as can be, binge watching the latest TV craze?

We’ve all been there. And we all know what it takes to rise above—whether that means leaving the couch behind or pushing through a mid-run plateau. For some, tasty workout fuel will do the trick. For others, it’s all about that running playlist. But no matter your style, it never hurts to have a few go-to running mantras.

Here are three awesome motivational quotes to get you started!

"Run fast, run slow, run far, run close. Just run."

Inspiration: It's a great running mantra. Whenever you run, wherever you run, it can keep you going. It reminds us when we’re lazy, at our best, or recovering from an injury, that running is a gift—a gift that no one can take away from us but ourselves.

Why run: Running is a way to escape our everyday thoughts and troubles. When we run, we can feel our imaginations running free. You can be whomever you want when you run—because it's just you and the run. And the run doesn't judge.

"You don't have to run fast. You just have to run."

Inspiration: In today's busy world, things can become so overwhelming—work, relationships, pressure, stress, decisions, you name it! It can be very difficult to find the motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle, put your runners on, and get outside or to the gym. That's exactly why we love this quote. It reminds us that it doesn't matter how proficient of a runner you are—what distance you can go and how fast—as long as you're making an effort and enjoying yourself, that's what's important!

Why run: Because it is accessible and achievable by anyone and everyone. It provides such an amazing rush of endorphins, and with every additional kilometre covered comes an awesome sense of accomplishment.

"Your body is in better shape than your mind thinks."

Inspiration: This quote is inspiring because it's true. It reminds us to not listen to our brains (which is usually trying to hold us back). Instead it keeps us open to the possibility of achieving more than we realize we’re capable of.

Why run: It can align your body, mind, and soul

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