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New Herbal Farms all natural Tincture For Pets is just what you need to curb behavioral issues your pet may exhibit due to stress or anxiety. Your pets stress and anxiety can manifest itself in the forms of excessive barking, digging, biting, difficulty when going for walks, potty training issues and more. Our Tincture for pets is also great for joint pain and expediting the healing of wounds and superficial injuries! Just Place the suggested dosage in water bowl, food dish. It's so tasty they will drink it straight from the dropper!

15 ml





Salmon Oil Tincture For Pets

  • < 20 lbs 3 Drops Twice Daily

    20-34 lbs 5 Drops Twice Daily

    35-49 lbs 7 Drops Twice Daily

    50+ 10 Drops Twice Daily

  • Ingredients: Salmon Oil, CBD Oil

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