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Things You Didn't Know About Raw Honey

Honey is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants but is also a great natural sweetener. Many people use honey in their day to day lives, but what about raw honey? Raw honey is honey that is straight from the hive. It hasn’t been heated or pasteurized like most honey is today.

It’s super easy to determine the difference between raw honey and conventional honey. If the honey is transparent, like the clear yellow honey in the honey bear jars, then you know it has been heated and processed. Raw honey is whitish, opaque, thick, and creamy. There are many interesting facts about raw honey, and here are a few.

A looong shelf life

Typically, it’s good to avoid products with an unusually long shelf life because it's typically caused by chemicals and preservatives, but raw honey is different. Raw honey literally lasts forever. Archaeologists have found perfectly preserved pots of honey in thousand-year-old tombs, still fresh. Scientists credit honey’s immortality to its perfect chemical composition: it lacks water, is very acidic, and contains hydrogen peroxide. The key is to keep the honey jar closed- if left open and exposed to air or water, it will spoil.

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