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New Herbal Farms Recovery Cream

Post-workout pain can be brutal. Sore muscles are not a fun thing to deal with the day after an intense workout. Well, New Herbal Farms made a product to help ease the pain from your aching muscles. New Herbal Farms Recovery Cream is an all-natural way to reduce inflammation while providing relief to sore muscles and joints!

Intense workouts often cause inflammation in the muscles. CBD is an anti-inflammatory that works to relieve pain and inflammation. The recovery cream is full of pain-relieving ingredients, such as CBD oil and menthol.

The Recovery Cream can be used before your workout to help prevent muscle pain. If you know you have a target area you will be focusing on directly during your workout, or have an area that consistently bothers you, you should apply a generous amount of the Recovery Cream directly to that area 30 minutes before, and immediately after your workout.

After your workout, you should apply Recovery Cream to all major muscle groups to help symptoms related to soreness and inflammation. Apply to areas of pain twice daily. Some relief may be immediate. For some, maximum results will be achieved in 4-7 days with consistent use.

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