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New Herbal Farms Dog Treats

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

At New Herbal Farms we want you and your family to live their best lives, including your furry friends. Some dogs are naturally anxious, and you may not even think that some of your dog’s behavior is anxiety. Here at New Herbal Farms, we have created an all-natural treat that your dogs will love that will also help manage and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Many behaviors can be symptoms of anxiety in dogs. Some symptoms include, but are not limited too, excessive barking or howling, digging, chewing and destroying furniture, difficulty when going for walks, as well as excessive licking.

New Herbal Farms Dog Treats are not just for anxiety. The Dog Treats can be used for joint pain in your dog. They can also be used to expedite the healing of wounds and superficial injuries your dog may have.

The dog treats are a simple 4 ingredients that your dogs will enjoy. The dog treats are ground turkey, carrots, broccoli. Not only will the treats help with your dog’s anxiety, but they are healthy and good for them as well.

The dosage that will work is dependent on your dog. Some dogs require higher doses than others. Our recommended dosage scale is:

< 20 lbs 1 Treat Twice Daily

20-34 lbs 2 Treats Twice Daily

35-49 lbs 3 Treats Twice Daily

50+ 4 Treats Twice Daily

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