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Natural Skincare

Clear and healthy skin can be hard to accomplish, especially with day to day factors. Things in the air, sweating, and wearing makeup can cause our skin to break out. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and it absorbs everything we put on it as well. Since our skin absorbs so easily, we don’t want to put unnatural chemicals or toxins on our skin, so here are a few natural remedies to keep your skin looking its best!


Mint plants contain menthol, which produces a cooling, cleansing feeling. You can apply fresh mint juice every night for the treatment of pimples. In the summer, adding mint leaves to your ice-cold water is a great way to stay hydrated while refreshing your skin.


Most people are clueless about the skincare properties of papaya. This tropical fruit contains the enzyme papain, which has great antibacterial and wound healing abilities. The enzyme also aids in removing dead, damaged skin. Here is a papaya-based mask for all skin types: Take ¼ cup of cocoa, 2 teaspoons of cream, ¼ cup ripe papaya, ¼ cup honey, and 2 teaspoons of oatmeal powder. Mix and apply to your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water.


The most common walnut is the English walnut, which originated in the regions surrounding the Caspian Sea (it is therefore also known as the Persian walnut). They are considered a great skincare ingredient and are widely used in the cosmetic industry. Finely ground walnut powder gently exfoliates dead skin to remove impurities that ordinary cleansing cannot tackle. Mix 2 tablespoons plain yogurt with 2 teaspoons of finely ground walnuts. Wet your face and gently work the scrub into the skin. Avoid scrubbing under the eyes. Rinse after 20 minutes with warm water.


Turmeric is an ancient Indian herb that has been mentioned in the sacred Vedas. Apart from antiseptic properties, turmeric helps in lightening blemishes and pigmentation. The herb can be used to treat a multitude of skin problems. Apply a paste of turmeric powder and pineapple juice for dark circles. Add a few teaspoons of sugarcane juice to turmeric powder to remove wrinkles. A mixture of turmeric and sandalwood paste is very effective in rejuvenating dry, parched skin.


This citrus-rich fruit is the most versatile beauty aid you can have. Lemon contains cleansing enzymes that remove the skin of dead cells and provide the cheapest clear skin remedy. With its marvelous astringent properties, lemon is a natural cleanser and a boon for oily skin. Mix a little alum with the juice of half a lemon. Rub this mixture on your face for an instant refreshing skin toner. Apply a mixture of grapes, lemon, and egg white. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. The lemon will cleanse your skin, grapes will soften it and egg whites will tighten it. Rub half a lemon over rough spots and scrawny elbows to make them soft.

These are just a few of the many natural remedies for skincare. It’s all about finding what works for your skin.

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