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As CBD begins to rise in popularity and people experience the rewarding benefits, the question on whether or not CBD will have an affect on dogs, and the answer is yes! CBD can help dogs with things such as pain and anxiety, without getting them high like THC would.

Does your furry friend suffer from pain such as arthritis? Well CBD products can help with this. Dogs who experience low level pain stimuli have been reported to be less reactive to the pain when exposed to CBD products. Many dog owners have reported that CBD has helped their dog with neuropathic pain. Many have even reported that CBD has helped control their dog’s seizures.

CBD does not only help dogs with pain relief, but helps with anxiety as well. Anxious dogs who take CBD have been reported to be less jumpy and rest in a calm state. Dogs who also have trouble sleeping at night, have been reported to appear to be more restful after taking CBD before bed. . It is very important to note that these dogs are NOT high. CBD has calming properties, but no psychoactive ingredients, which cause the high.

Dog owners have found that CBD does even more for their dogs! Many use it as an anti-inflammatory in their dogs. CBD also presents cardiac benefits for dogs as well as has anti-nausea effects. 

If you notice your pup is suffering from pain, anxiety, or even a wound that is bothering them, try CBD! CBD can help relax your dog as well as relieve the discomfort that comes with pain. CBD can help your four legged member of the family be as comfortable as possible.

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