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Managing Your Anxiety

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. Some deal with more anxiety than others in their daily lives. Many steps can be taken to calm or quiet your anxiety from taking over.

One way to help manage anxiety is by practicing focused or deep breathing. Try breathing in for 4 counts, then breathing out for 4 counts. Doing this for 5 minutes total can help to slow your heart rate by evening out your breathing.

Writing is a great way to help with anxiety. If you know what is making you anxious, then writing it down is a great way to get it out of your head.

Meditation is another great way to deal with anxiety. 15 minutes of meditation in the morning and the evening is a great way to establish a sense of mindfulness, and work on controlling your thoughts.

One more great way to help deal with anxiety is with the use of CBD. CBD is a natural way to help prevent anxiety attacks. CBD can also be used during an anxiety attack to help end it. The New Herbal Farms Tincture is a great way to help manage your anxiety!

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