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Have An Anxious Cat?

Many pet owners are concerned about their cat’s anxiety. Some cats become stressed over small things, such as baths. Cat owners have taken many different approaches when it comes to their cats’ anxiety. Some choose to take matters into their own hands, while others choose to take their cats to the vet for medication. Some pet owners have now turned to CBD to help manage their pet’s anxiety.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that both humans and animals tolerate CBD well. CBD can help with anxiety in cats. If you choose to treat your cat’s anxiety with CBD, it is important to take them to a vet first, to make sure that it is just anxiety and not any other serious medical condition causing the anxiety.

Signs of cats with anxiety include, but are not limited to: development of destructive behavior they did not have before, excessive grooming that can lead to bald patches, change in mood, hiding, aggression, excessive meowing, ad a change in appetite or weight.

CBD drops can be given to cats by feeding it to them directly or can be added to their food or treats, the easier way for more anxious cats.

When giving your cat CBD, you should start with small dosages and work the dosages up, depending on your cat’s needs. All cats are different and suffer from different levels of anxiety, so they will all need different dosages. What works for one cat may not work for another.

When giving CBD to your cat, you only want to give them products that are THC free. All New Herbal Farms products are 100% THC free, so they won’t have a psychoactive response on your pets. The New Herbal Farms Salmon Oil Tincture For Pets is great for cats, and dogs, that suffer from anxiety.

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