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CBD For Athletes

Athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies, physically and mentally. From intense workouts to focusing on each practice and game, athletes need to stay physically and mentally prepared. CBD is great for both.

Now, many of you might be wondering: Is CBD legal for athletes? And the answer is yes! In 2018, the US Anti Doping Agency made CBD legal in or out of competition. As long as products are 100% THC free, then they are perfectly legal to use as an athlete.

One way that CBD can be helpful for athletes is for pain relief. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and will help to relieve inflamed areas. CBD is also a natural muscle relaxer that will help relieve the pain from sore muscles. The use of CBD after a long event will help with muscle recovery. Proper muscle recovery is crucial for preventing future injuries.

CBD also helps to improve sleep quality. Sleep is crucial to muscle recovery as well. A good night's sleep the day before an event is a big key factor in an athlete's performance. Many athletes who travel for events have trouble sleeping the first night in a hotel. CBD can help with all of these things. CBD contributes to the reuptake of adenosine. More adenosine in the brain slows down brain activity, producing a calm state and inducing sleep.

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